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Flying to the Snow

Our specialist airfares team is here to custom build your flight itinerary, always keeping in mind your specific needs when travelling to the snow. Specialist considerations include luggage allowances, weather conditions at alpine airports, and connection times between flights, all of which is carefully considered and tailored to your specific needs.

Where our partners can fly:
Airfares to anywhere worldwide can be arranged on your behalf. We specialise in the ski destinations we offer, but we are not limited to these destinations, often accommodating add on requests to your ski trip such as Disneyland, a big city stopover, visiting family or friends, or thawing out at a beach somewhere on the way home!

International Flights:
There's a lot to consider when building an international air itinerary, and price isn't the only decision to make! Let our air team make it easy, our experience counts when considering all aspects of your international airfare. It is important to build your itinerary on the same ticket, including any domestic connecting flights, so that luggage allowances carry through, connections are met, or in the case of any delays, your connecting flight will be reaccommodated. When all these fares are booked on separate tickets, these benefits are lost. Our specialist ski wholesale fare levels are available only when booked in conjunction with a ski land package, thus providing us access to a wide range of fares that are not published elsewhere. These wholesale ski fares often come with specific inclusions above a standard published fare on offer. A huge benefit of this can be the additional luggage allowance for sporting equipment for those bringing their own skis or snowboards along. Ticketing the fare on the international ski wholesale fare level means that this luggage allowance is carried over to domestic connections, which can save passengers a fortune in unexpected extra baggage fees. Talk to your ski specialist about your luggage requirements, as additional luggage allowances can be pre-purchased at far more favourable rates than when you arrive at the airport! If our wishes and snow dances are answered, then you would arrive smoothly on a blue sky day, and receive as much fresh snowfall on the night of arrival as possible! When planning your international ski holiday with you, unfortunately the weather is one of the few things we don't have any control over. What we can control is the security in knowing that if your flights are delayed or impacted by weather, your seat and luggage will be reaccommodated to get you safely to your destination. Ensure you always read your and understand fare rules provided to you, especially any change or cancellation fees imposed by the airlines, and luggage allowances.

Domestic Flights:
Domestic flights within Australia can be arranged to best fit into your ski itinerary, especially considering your transfer or car rental connections, we are always keeping in mind how to maximise your time on snow!

It is important to consider your visa requirements when travelling internationally. Information for passengers travelling on an Australian passport can be found at Alternatively contact the embassy of your intended destination.

At the initial stage of quoting please provide your passport, with minimum 6 months validity, to your ski consultant. A copy of your valid passport must be provided prior to ticking your airfares.
Airport Transfers
Integral to planning your flight itinerary is your transportation between the airport and your ski resort destination. Transfers can be arranged in all our destinations to match your custom build itinerary. This may include car rental, coach or private vehicle transfer, or pre-arrangement of a local rail pass.

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