Zermatt, Switzerland

With 365 days of snow, you can only find this in Zermatt. As the highest altitude, largest and most efficiently developed snow sport location in the Alps, Zermatt offers an absolute snow guarantee




Boasting 365 days of snow, which you can only find in Zermatt. As the highest altitude, largest and most efficiently developed snow sport location in the Alps, Zermatt offers an absolute snow guarantee. Unlimited skiing and snowboarding between Switzerland and Italy – no other destination can offer this. With the Matterhorn always within sight!

Zermatt is regarded by many as one of the best ski resorts in Europe and even the world! With an unbelievable amount of terrain over 2,000 metres worth and the highest lift in Europe, what is not to love! Zermatt offers more than the quintessential Swiss ski holiday, with breathtaking views, vibrant nightlife and one of the best après ski runs around, it is a bucket list ski destination.

Where to stay in Zermatt
Zermatt has a broad range of ski accommodation available across the mountain village, as well as lots of excellent ski in, ski out accommodation higher up the slopes. There is everything from dorm style, budget accommodation right through to luxury 5-star hotels with all the extras, you can find something to suit any budget or style of stay.
Skiing and snowboarding Zermatt

With 210 kilometres of marketed piste and plenty off off-piste & freeride terrain to explore, there is no chance of getting bored in Zermatt! The ski lifts are fast, modern and expansive. The mountain is prefect for intermediate level skiers and snowboarders with over 60% of terrain marked for that skill level. Zermatt is the highest ski resort in Europe, and can be skied every day of the year.

A lesson on your first day is a great way to brush up on your skills, but also they can show you some great off-piste spots and get you familiar with the three ski areas. The largest ski area is Klein Matterhorn-Schwarzsee, then there is Sunnegga-Rothorn which is great for tree skiing and dining and for beginners and free-riding head to Gornergrat-Stockhorn.

How to Get to Zermatt

There are many airlines and routes from Australia into Switzerland, to suit your itinerary and travel requirements. Ask our team of ski specialists if you would like them to help find the best option for you.

Zermatt is located in south-west Switzerland, close to the Italian border and is closest to Geneva Airport (2.5 hrs) and Zurich Airport (3.5hrs). Zermatt is a car free village, best reached by train or helicopter (if you have the budget). If you do have a car, you can park in nearby Tasch and then use the train to get to Zermatt.

Top things to do in Zermatt in Winter
Winter in Zermatt unveils an array of activities beyond the slopes. Adventurers can embark on invigorating snowshoeing expeditions, tracing secluded trails through frosted forests and serene valleys, offering glimpses of the majestic Matterhorn. For thrill-seekers, tobogganing down tracks like Gornergrat or Sunnegga promises an adrenaline rush with views of stunning alpine scenery. The Gornergrat Railway offers breathtaking views of snow-clad peaks, a mesmerizing spectacle best enjoyed during sunrise or sunset. Amidst the village's car-free lanes, ice-skating rinks offer classic winter charm, while the Matterhorn Museum invites visitors to delve into Zermatt's rich history and culture. Whether seeking tranquillity in wellness retreats or the excitement of exploring a vibrant village, Zermatt is a winter paradise for all.
Dining and Apres in Zermatt
Zermatt is well known for having an excellent après ski scene, especially compared to many other Swiss ski resorts. There are an array of bars and restaurants to choose from, and the après ski run from Furi back down to Zermatt is one not to be missed. Like much of Switzerland, food & drinks are not cheap & you can be in for a big bill at some of the high-end spots, but there are a few budget friendly places if that is more your scene.