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Furano Ski Resort is home to two ski zones Furano Zone and the Kitanomine Zone, offering a total of 23 marked runs, 1 gondola and 1 ropeway or cable car as well as 9 chairlifts. The lower areas of both zones are perfect for beginner skiers and snowboarders through to intermediate riders, then the higher and steeper terrain is ideally suited to skiers and snowboarders with advanced skills. Overall, the terrain is evenly split with 40% for Beginners, 40% for intermediate and 30% for advanced riders.

Furano is well known as an incredible place for tree skiing, cat skiing and having really fast lifts which means you can pack lots of skiing into your day. Off-piste skiing was banned in Furano for quite a while, but that is slowly beginning to change, and patrols are allowing it. For the more experienced among you, sidecountry skiing to the left of Kitanomine is also worth a mention, the powder stays fresh for a lot longer but it can be a bit harder to plot your route in and out! Wherever you stay during your Furano ski holiday, the ski fields are easily accessed via shuttle or bus.

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