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Lotte Arai Ski Resort

Lotte Arai Pre-Departure Information


Located in Niigata Prefecture, Myoko lies just 1 hour 46 minutes from Tokyo by Bullet Train. Lotte Arai Resort awaits you amidst a scenic landscape of mountains stretching outward to the ocean from Mt. Myoko, and a broad expanse of countryside.
All 257 rooms at Lotte Arai Resort are open to both long- and short-stay guests. On our premises you will find first class leisure activities featuring 14 ski courses including 8 areas of ungroomed snow, spas, pools, restaurants, cafes, function rooms, and a 1501-meter zip tour – the longest in Asia.
The ski season will embody the excitement of a winter wonderland while the "green season" will offer fresh, clean mountain air and nature in full bloom. Year-round fun and relaxation for all.
With the goal of becoming the premium mountain resort in Asia, we are eager to introduce the world to the beauty of both Mt. Okenashi and the Joetsu region


Tokyo to Nagano Rail Transfer Information

Tokyo to Nagano Station:
From Tokyo station, passengers board the Hokuriku Bullet Train (Asama/ Hakutaka / Kagayaki Shinkansen). Travelling time is 1.5-2 hours, some trains make more scheduled stops than others. The bullet trains run regularly throughout the day stopping at Nagano Station.  After getting off the bullet train, take the escalators or service lifts up to the atrium level and here you will then need to pass through the ticket gates. Either show your rail pass or insert your rail tickets into the ticket machines to exit the station.
Nagano Station to Myoko Kogen:
From Nagano Station you need to transfer to "Shinano Railway" train. The trains leave Nagano Station every couple of hours, which are bound for Myoko Kogen. Alternatively a private taxi service can be pre arranged for this trip.
Japan is still very much a cash economy, so it is highly recommended to purchase cash - Japanese Yen before arriving in Japan. Foreign currency is not accepted within the ski resorts and traveller’s cheques are generally not accepted either unless you exchange them into yen at a bank, which can be very time consuming. The Narita International Airport has currency exchange windows and also international ATM’s, so if you do not pick up Japanese Yen before you leave Australia, we recommend you arrange it at the airport. 
Water and Electricity
Normal tap water is safe to drink right throughout Japan, including all Nagano and Niigata Ski Resorts. The electricity supply in Japan is 100V AC 50Hz. The plugs are 2 flat parallel pins, meaning you will need an adaptor. It is recommended you arrange your own adaptor as not all hotels have these available for their customers usage.
Hot Springs (Onsens)
Myoko Kogen has an abundance of rich natural spring water and there is no better way to relax and rejuvenate after great days skiing than to soothe and relax your body in one of the many natural hot springs.
To get the most out of your onsen experience there are a few rules which need to be followed.
- Showering and washing are done before entering the bathtub.
- The onsen water in the bathtub is never used for washing, only soaking.
- Hot Springs are baths to be enjoyed naked and swim suits are not to be worn.
- After soaking you can wash yourself again and then re enter the bath.
- After finishing soaking, no need to rinse a last time, let the minerals soak into your skin.
- Remove as much water from your body before returning into the change room.
- If you have a tattoo, please consult with the onsen facility manager or hotel as some onsen facilities or hotels do not allow guests with tattoos to use the onsen.
Numerous places in Myoko Kogen offer WiFi internet access & most accommodations have computer terminals or WiFi access, which they allow their guests to use freely or for a small fee.
Your 3G & 4G mobile phones will generally work in Japan if you have global roaming activated. Older mobile phones may not work as GSM is not deployed here. Alternative options include renting Japanese SIM cards for your unlocked phone or a mobile WiFi router, which should all be arranged at the international airports before arriving in Myoko Kogen.
Luggage Courier Services
The transfer of luggage can be arranged to or from the airport, hotel or basically any desired location. This is generally an overnight service but 48 hours is required for luggage being sent to the airport to ensure that bags arrive in time. The cost of this about 2,680 yen per bag (subject to change and valid for suitcase - ski bag). This is a very convenient service and is recommended particularly at the end of one's ski trip if that person wishes to stay in Tokyo or any other location, as luggage can be sent from ski resort Hotel direct to the airport (or other location). This negates the need to carry heavy ski equipment everywhere with you and instead just collect it at the airport. There are several luggage courier companies and the most recognisable one we recommend is called Yamato Takkyubin. Their company logo is of two black cats surrounded in a green and yellow sequence of colour. In order to send your luggage you will need the full address and telephone number of the location you desire to be sent to.
Medical Information
Local Emergency Phone Numbers
- 110 Police
- 119 Fire and Ambulance
Japan Helpline
- 0120 461 997 Toll Free - For emergency advice in English 24 hours.

Information courtesy of Ski Japan Holidays

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